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Improve communication and provide for the health and safety of employees and visitors.

CSE Crosscom is a market leader in two-way radio systems with considerable experience in two-way radio for retail applications, including shop safe systems.

In our experience two-way radios  in the retail sector have three main groups of users:

  • Large retail and leisure destinations using two-way radio systems to co-ordinate security, cleaning, parking etc.
  • Shop watch schemes providing communication between a number of retailers for security purposes
  • Individual retailers using two-way radios for communication between staff e.g. shop floor and stock room staff.


Two-way radio systems for retail destinations

The CSE Crosscom system at The Glades, Bromley provides communications for the security, management, car park, cleaning and maintenance teams, enabling them all to work together effectively.

For the security team dealing with every day incidents, and providing for security scenarios that will hopefully never occur at a busy retail destination, necessitates a robust two-way radio system.

Increasingly there is also a health and safety requirement for a two-way radio system at destinations like The Glades to ensure that appropriate action is taken quickly when spillages etc. occur and to record evidence as a contingency against ‘slip and trip’ personal injury claims.

The Glades’ system uses Hytera X1p two-way radios. These second-generation digital radios are small and discreet. They provide excellent coverage and sound quality, and offer a number of functions which which make them particularly suitable for this type of application:

  • The system automatically records and stores transmissions, which provides records for accountability
  • The GPS function can track the location of each radio user in real time, which is a benefit for staff monitoring and for health and safety. If a user hits the emergency button on a radio a screen alerts the control room supervisor instantly to who needs assistance, which enables help to be despatched immediately
  • For lone workers alert intervals can be set and reset for each user by controllers according to the nature and location of the work being carried out and the time of day. If workers fail to acknowledge the alert to confirm that they are not in trouble the system shows a flashing message or alarm which prompts a call or follow-up action from the control room
  • One-to-one calling and text messaging for discreet communication between managers.

The system is supplied under a managed service contract, which offers flexibility should their requirement or technology change.

CSE Crosscom systems are bespoke to each client. Each is built to incorporate the latest technology to meet the client’s requirements. Specifying a system starts with a free of charge evaluation of your existing system and/or a discussion of your requirement.

If you are looking for a new system or a system upgrade or want information or advice about two-way radio systems call 020 7183 4391.

 Shop watch schemes

The London Borough of Croydon’s Safer Croydon Radio shop watch scheme, offers local businesses (retailers, licensed premises etc.) the opportunity to subscribe to a shared two-way radio system, enabling them to communicate with a central control system, which also monitors the Boroughs CCTV cameras, and other subscribers, sharing information about suspicious or threatening behaviour and requesting help if needed. It is one of the largest in the country.

In November 2011, following the riots that devastated the town centre that summer, The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced an investment of £23m to help return Croydon to its former glory as a major commercial centre and contributor to the capital’s economy. The London Borough of Croydon channelled part of this funding into an additional 60 radios for the SCR system. Funded for two-years, these additional radios have encouraged more retailers to join the scheme, widening the support and protection of the system.

Over 370 digital two-way radios are currently live on the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) SCR system. These are all compact digital Hytera PD505 hand portables. The radios communicate via four Simoco digital repeater base stations tactically situated within the Borough and linked by microwave link and ADSL as backup to the CSE Crosscom system at a central control room, which also monitors the Boroughs CCTV cameras.

SCR is one of the largest local authority controlled shop watch schemes in the UK. The whole system is rented from CSE Crosscom.

To discuss implementing a shop watch scheme like Safer Croydon Radio call 020 7183 4391.

Two-way radios for retailers

If you are sourcing radios to use in a shop for the first time or to adding to an existing radio fleet we can help.

We offer two-way radios and equipment from the world’s leading suppliers to customers throughout the UK, and have the knowledge and experience to advise on the products most suitable for your requirements. radios are available for short-term rental, for long term hire under our managed service or to buy.


For advice or to get a quotation please call 020 7183 4391.