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 Tait Communications

Tait Communications’ vision is to create safer, more proactive organisations by redefining the boundaries of critical communications.

Tait Communications is a global leader in critical communications, with over 50 years experience in radio and contracts like Transport for London’s bus fleet that demonstrate its credibility in providing large scale solutions to provide for communication and health and safety, notably in the power, transport and utilities sectors.

Tait’s range of professional products includes analogue and digital hand portable radios, mobile two-way radios and base stations. Tait offers both Tier 2 and Tier 3 trunked systems, which allow for greater channel efficiency for large organisations with multiple radio users.

Tait Communications is a long standing technology partner of CSE Crosscom. We have an excellent understanding of Tait’s products and their applications, and are proud to offer their products for sale or rental.


For information and advice, or to obtain prices, call us on 020 7183 4391.

Communication System for London Bridge City

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