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CSE Crosscom is a market leading supplier of integrated professional communication systems that improve employee and public safety, reduce costs, improve communication in challenging circumstances, and interface with BMS and SCADA systems to provide a range of solutions.

Every CSE Crosscom system is bespoke to the requirements of the client, built using the latest technology to provide a future proof solution.

Here are some of the capabilities our systems can offer:


  • Robust two-way radio communication – voice, text and video
  • App interface between two-way radio and smart devices to enable one-to-many communication and extend the reach of the radio network
  • Monitoring, recording and reporting
  • Integration with other systems e.g. SCADA, BMS
  • Specialised radios which cut out background noise or which are designed for use in wet or dusty conditions or have large buttons making the radios easier to use with gloves on
  • Migration to digital from existing analogue systems



  • Indoor location monitoring of radio users using Bluetooth beacons
  • Outdoor location monitoring of radio users using GPS coverage
  • Lone worker safety and man down alarms
  • On-screen GPS tracking of radio users (via PC and hand held devices)
  • Body worn cameras
  • Video and alarm monitoring and management of radios and body worn cameras



  • Fire and intruder alarm monitoring and management
  • Integration with CCTV


We offer communication equipment from the world’s leading suppliers to customers throughout the UK, and have the knowledge and experience to advise on the suitable products and the capability to design a system to meet or exceed for your requirements, whether you’re specifying a new communication system or upgrading an existing system. We offer a free of charge evaluation of existing systems and a no-obligation discussion of the solutions we can offer. For clients choosing to take their system on long-term hire rather than buy it we offer a managed service.

In addition to systems, we offer two-way radio equipment for sale and for short-term rental.

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