Communication Solutions

Improve communication and provide for the health and safety of staff and students.

If you’re sourcing two-way radios for an educational establishment then communication and the health and safety of staff and students will be your two primary concerns. Your choice of solution will depend on what exactly you’re planning to use the radios for.

We offer unlicensed two-way radios for sale, if you’re using them for playground duty etc., and for short-term hire for less frequent use e.g. sports days and events.

If you require wider coverage than unlicensed radios allow then you may require licensed two-way radios, which we also offer for sale or short term rental, or we can supply as a managed service. A base station repeater can be used together with these to improve coverage.

Finally, for complex requirements and large or multi site establishments we can design bespoke systems. Generally monitored at a central point, these can incorporate any number of features including lone worker, man down, GPS tracking, recording of transmissions for future reference etc. They can interface with building management systems to raise alerts in instances of equipment failure or to trigger a fire alarm.

Please call us to discuss your requirements we are very happy to provide advice and assistance.

We offer two-way radios and equipment from the world’s leading suppliers to clients throughout the UK, and have the knowledge and experience to advise on the products most suitable for your requirements, whether you’re looking for short-term rental, our managed service for long term hire or just buying equipment.