Communication Solutions

Improve communication and provide for the health and safety of employees, particularly lone workers.

We have experience in delivering innovative solutions to the railway industry, improving communications and providing health and safety solutions.

We have supplied a bespoke system to London’s King’s Cross railway station, completing the  installation on schedule and in time for the London 2012 Olympics.

More recently, we have linked Network Rail’s nationwide control rooms to London’s mainline stations via their fibre network. Also, our engineers have worked closely with one of East Coast’s train depots to develop a solution to provide priority interrupt to override a shunting tone on their digital hand portable radios, providing a cost saving benefit on a health and safety issue. At the same time installed a system despatcher complete with voice recording.

We offer two-way radios and equipment from the World’s leading suppliers to customers throughout the UK, and have the knowledge and experience to advise on the products most suitable for your requirements, whether you’re looking for short-term rental, our managed service for long term hire or just buying.

If you requirement is for a system upgrade or installation rather than simply two-way radios our systems are bespoke to each client. Each is built to incorporate the latest technology to meet the client’s requirements. Specifying a system starts with a free of charge system evaluation of your existing system and/or a discussion of your requirement.

We also offer a radio repair service, irrespective of whether radios were initially supplied by us or not and we currently repair radio handsets for a number of railway franchises.

Please contact us for further information or advice.