Still using a radio system bought when smartphones didn’t exist?

Just like mobile phones, two-way radios have evolved. Radio still offers the ultimate solution for critical communications, and innovations beyond ensuring this have focussed on providing for health and safety and extending coverage. It might be time to review your opinion of what radios can offer you in terms of increasing efficiency and looking after employees.

Here are a few questions to check whether you’re well overdue a systems evaluation and upgrade. If you answer yes to any of them it’s probably worth getting in touch for a chat.

1) Do you still have an analogue system?
If the answer’s ‘yes’ then you definitely need to get a systems evaluation. Digital radio offers features and benefits that just aren’t available on analogue.

2) Do you have areas on your site where radio reception is poor?
For the safety of those on site have a site survey. Advances in radio technology mean it’s likely that coverage issues can be resolved, and newer radios offer better sound quality which also helps. Just a thought, if mobile reception is also poor in these areas you are leaving employees without a means of communication.

3) Are you just using radios for voice communication?
You’re missing out on features that could significantly improve your health and safety provisions, including priority channel, man-down and lone-worker and internal and outdoor location monitoring, all of which can be monitored just as easily from a tablet or laptop as from a PC a control room. Two-way radio systems can also now interface with access, intruder and fire alarm systems, building management systems etc. to help organisations work and respond more efficiently.

4) Have you moved to mobile phones because you think a radio system’s coverage is limited to its site?
This is no longer true. Radio systems on different sites can be linked and PoC apps mean those outside the radio site can communicate with those on the system simply by subscribing to an app, which gives them push-to-talk one-to-many communication.

5) Have you held off upgrading your system because of fears of investing in something which may quickly date?
Really understandable but there’s a solution – we offer systems on long-term rental as a managed service. This means that when relevant innovations happen you can easily upgrade your system to take advantage of them.

Think how many times you’ve upgraded your phone during the life of your radio system. Radio technology has moved on too. It may be time to review what radio can offer your business – the benefits to be gained from an upgraded two-way radio system may far outweigh the investment cost.

To discuss how an upgrade could benefit you and to arrange a no-obligation site survey please get in touch.

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