Part of our mission is to develop a unified UK and European radio hire service, which gives consideration to how far equipment travels. The more we can reduce the mileage by serving clients from our nearest hub the more we can reduce Co2 emissions.

Through careful preparation we operate efficiently and, most importantly, sustainably. Here are some of the ways we reduce are working to reduce the impact of our business on the environment:

  • We operate a no single use plastic policy across the business
  • We use long-life foams for packaging and durable re-useable cases
  • The courier services we use create routes with the least amount of non-carriage movement per vehicle
  • Where possible, electric or bio fuel are our preferred form of fuel for transport
  • Our engineers are actively encouraged to use public transport where practical
  • We operate under manufacturer guidelines for optimum maintenance of equipment and carry out repairs in our workshops to maximise useful life. Long life provisions for batteries are strictly followed as are any end of service life procedures for all equipment

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