Push To Talk International

PTTi enables highly scaleable, private talk groups, from a small group of personal contacts to an enterprise group of thousands.

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Highly Scaleable Talk Groups


Push To Talk International’s PTTi service is based in the cloud allowing users to connect from a multitude of IP bearers, be it cellular, wifi, broadband or a mixture of them all and from a variety of different devices and user hardware. This access to PTT services over IP  dispenses with the traditional coverage boundary restrictions, high infrastructure investment costs, frequency licensing challenges and overheads associated with the setup, site rental and ongoing maintenance running costs of a private mobile radio (PMR) network infrastructure.

Locate your team in real time

  • If your team are carrying a two-way radio or a smartphone with the app you can see where they are in real time
  • Reduce map clutter and distraction by selecting layers of data to see different work teams or resources
  • Message, PTT or call individuals or groups based on their location. Instantly create geo-fenced groups for PTT and messaging
  • Personalise to suit your requirements