One-to-many communications over WiFi and cellular

TurboVoice offers the potential to combine the benefits of two-way radio (one to many communication) with the coverage of a mobile phone.

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TurboVoice uses PTToC (push to talk over cellular), also known as PoC, and RoIP (radio over internet protocol) technology to offer clients the benefits of simultaneous one to many communication ‘all informed’ group calls without the need for radio infrastructure, licences or handsets, and the potential to extend communications to large areas and overcome coverage issues.

Connect without limitations.

Coverage for smart phones and dedicated PoC devices  via WiFi and cellular.

Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have created comprehensive coverage of the UK, in utilising this network TurboVoice offers the assurance of exactly the same cellular coverage that you would achieve with a mobile phone and access to available WiFi networks, with the device switching between the two as required (in exactly the same way a mobile phone does). If required TurboVoice can also be connected to an existing two-way radio system.

One to many communication

One of the key benefits of a two-way radio system is the ability to communicate to a group of people simultaneously, which is invaluable when you need to co-ordinate a team of people distributed over an area quickly.

Extensive coverage

PoC enables you to connect and communicate across cellular networks (2G, 3G, 4G), WiFi platforms, broadband and two-way radio networks achieving maximum possible coverage virtually anywhere in the world and in areas where traditional two-way radio coverage may be challenging or prohibitively expensive to achieve because of the scale of the area to be covered, the topography of the area or physical barriers to radio signals.


Because PoC uses cellular and WiFi it requires no infrastructure additional smart devices can easily be added to the system by downloading an app and, if required, just used for a short period of time. For example, to extend one to many communication coverage for an event.


Unlike a two-way radio system, PoC is licence-free as it uses cellular and WiFi networks. In just the same way as you set up a mobile phone, you simply choose your device (which could be an existing smartphone or a dedicated device) and service provider for your SIM card and pay monthly SIM charges based on your tariff and usage. Obviously, if you have a smartphone you just need to download a PoC app, for which you will generally pay a monthly subscription based on how many devices you require.

Being licence-free, PoC offers a one to many communication solution for areas where licences are difficult or expensive to obtain, like London and for applications where one to many communication is only required for a short period of time so acquiring a licence is not justified.

Control centre co-ordination

TurboVoice can offer a cloud based dispatcher ‘control centre’ for monitoring location, receiving alarms, recording communications etc.

Health & safety

Dedicated devices have a dedicated push to talk button, which speeds the time it takes to react in an emergency. An alarm can be triggered by pressing down the dedicated button alerting all members on the group and the dispatcher, which can be used to identify the location of the alarm.

TurboVoice can support many of the health and safety features you would expect from a two-way radio system – GPS location monitoring and geo-fencing, man-down and lone-worker

Minimal investment

TurboVoice requires no investment in infrastructure or radio licences. At its most basic TurboVoice is just an app on an existing smart device, however dedicated devices obviously offer the dedicated PoC button and can be more rugged than smart devices.

We can advise you on selecting the best technology and devices to suit your needs

ChatterPTT app

The ChatterPTT (push to talk) app is designed to be uploaded to smartphones and dedicated PoC devices to provide one to many communication or to extend the reach of a two-way radio system. The ChatterPTT app can be used to extend the coverage of a two-way radio system to areas that, although not covered by the two-way radio system, are covered by the cellular network or WiFi. For example, providing coverage for an event or challenge taking place over a large area and/or challenging terrain.


Icom RoIP

Icom’s LTE Radio over internet protocol system offers similar advantages but as a radio system rather than an app based solution. It is designed to be used with Icom handsets to provide or extend two-way radio coverage using a private 4G network. It can provide coverage where a traditional two-way radio system cannot and, like ChatterPTT, also has the advantage of not requiring a licence. The Icom LTE PoC system CSE Chatterbox delivered for Channel Ports demonstrates the potential advantages of this system. Read the case study.


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