How we can help you

CSE Chatterbox is a market leading supplier of bespoke integrated two-way radio systems that improve employee and public safety, reduce costs, improve communication in challenging circumstances, and interface with BMS and SCADA systems to provide a range of solutions.

CSE Chatterbox has the ability to identify the relevant technology from the right supplier for every client – combining products and software to achieve innovative solutions that meet and often exceed client requirements. Drawing on over 30 years’ experience of providing two-way radio solutions, using our partnerships with world class technology manufacturers and harnessing the experience of the CSE group in other markets ensures that we are deliver for our clients, whatever the challenge.


  • Improved Communication

Working in partnership with the world’s leading technology manufacturers enables us to harness the most relevant hardware and software available to provide our clients with the ultimate solutions to their specific needs. We can address issues in both quality and coverage of existing solutions.


  • Health & Safety

Our systems offer features – over and above clear, reliable communication – that help our clients to provide for the health and safety of their employees and those affected by their business.


  • Business Continuity

Two-way radio system offer a reliable communication solution when other forms of communication fail and can therefore be vital for business continuity. We help our clients to make provisions for critical communications.


  • Remote Access

We can offer clients ability to monitor their two-way radio system remotely from any computer or smart device, which has day to day benefits and is also advantageous for business continuity.


  • Systems Integration

Our two-way radio systems can be integrated with other control and alarm systems to help our clients to respond quicker and more effectively.


  • Accountability

Our systems can record audio, video and text and can monitor and report on the location of radios for health and safety and for accountability.


  • Scaleability and Future Proofing

We work with our clients to consider the future communication needs of their organisation when designing systems so that we can build in flexibility where required to ensure value and longevity.