Welcome to CSE Crosscom

CSE Chatterbox has become CSE Crosscom

CSE Crosscom, which is the recognised critical communications leader throughout the Asia Pacific region is integrating its established UK companies into the CSE Crosscom group to provide world leading systems, solutions and support to their clients.

The move brings together four leading British two-way radio and communications organisations – CSE Chatterbox, CSE Zycomm, CSE Radiotek and DTS – to provide their clients with the same quality levels of service and support, enhanced by the strength, knowledge and backing of the CSE Crosscom group.

In all global markets, CSE Crosscom offers clients the benefit of well-established relationships with world-class technology partners, as well as the capacity to harness emerging technologies and the expertise of the CSE Global group of companies.

CSE Crosscom attracts some of the most talented specialists in the business who work to design, deliver and support solutions for every client that will meet and often exceed their expectations.