Body-worn video cameras to improve safety and security

CSE Crosscom is proud to offer Reveal D-Series body-worn video cameras, and increasingly our clients are choosing to add them to their communication system for frontline workers for any or all of the following reasons:

  • To decrease the likelihood of aggression or violence
  • To improve transparency and accountability
  • To provide evidence if required
  • For training in best practice
  • To enhance safety and protection of staff


Reveal, which has been making award-winning body-worn video systems and supplying customers throughout the world for over a decade, has put considerable thought and effort into designing its D-Series cameras, which offer great performance especially in low light conditions, are durable and provide an easy to use secure mechanism for downloading, managing and storing evidence based content.

The Reveal camera system can be used as a standalone system or integrated with an existing radio communication system to offer enhanced functionality such as live streaming from the camera in the event of an emergency incident.

Reveal also offers secure flexible on-premise or cloud based storage solutions for content management, tailored to your business requirements.

To discuss how body worn video cameras could benefit your organisation please get in touch.