One device communication solution for Croydon Council Parking Services

We are just loading 50 Sonim XP8 smartphones with the ChatterPTT push to talk over cellular (PoC) app to go to the London Borough of Croydon for their Parking Services. In addition to being ultra-rugged, and therefore ideal for outdoor applications, the Sonim XP8 has a dedicated push to talk button so, with the app loaded, it is as simple to use as a two-way radio for one to many communication but in all other aspects is a smartphone.

Using a PoC app and smartphones, instead of a traditional two-way radio system, has enabled Croydon to consolidate all communication requirements in one device, and to take advantage of available cellular coverage rather than installing­ radio infrastructure. Voice, data communications and the GPS locations of each device will be monitored via ChatterPTT on a TV screen at the control centre enhancing health and safety and protection for employees. Six tablets loaded with the ChatterPTT app will enable managers to have the same access as the control centre wherever they need to work, ensuring business continuity.