Health and safety for construction and heavy industry

Health and safety are a particular concern where heavy machinery and dusty confined areas create a hazardous environment and add to regular health and safety issues. A Motorola Solutions radio system, that can monitor the location of radio users and ensure a prompt response should an incident occur, offers improved support for workers in this environment.

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CSE Crosscom can design a bespoke system to suit the requirements of any application. Systems can be designed to cover wide areas and challenging topography, and to support large numbers of radios, including hand portables, vehicle mounted radios, and local bases. We can specify Motorola Solutions radios designed to operate in dusty and wet conditions, and of course Atex radios where required.

Motorola Capacity Plus radio systems benefit from dynamic channel allocation, which makes the most effective use of the channels to ensure that the system can meet the required demand.

Motorola Solutions TurboNet dispatchers enable communication with and co-ordination of radio users and provide on-screen monitoring of their locations. Radio users can be monitored inside via Bluetooth and outside via GPS, which is accurate to within one metre. Radios can be programmed with Lone Worker and Man-Down, and panic buttons can raise an alarm and shows the user’s last known location on the dispatchers. This ‘last known location’ feature is also useful for recovering lost radios by starting the search where the signal stopped.

In addition to location monitoring, CSE Crosscom bespoke solutions offer the potential for integration with other systems, including fire and smoke alarms, SCADA, BMS and MCM systems to improve health and safety provisions and operational efficiency.

CSE Crosscom’s expertise combined with Motorola Solutions technology ensure that we can meet and exceed client expectations of what our systems can deliver.

Working with CSE Crosscom

CSE Crosscom offers clients an in-depth knowledge of two-way radio communications and related technologies, a range of products from the world’s leading communication companies, and an unparalleled level of service with a committed account team for every client.

For clients operating under the SafeContractor scheme, CSE Crosscom is proud to be SafeContractor accredited and understands the importance and value of this to both its employees and clients.

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