Royal Horticultural Society

TETRA for health and safety 



CSE Crosscom supplied a digital communication system to the Royal Horticultural Society’s 240-acre site in Wisley, Surrey,  with the primary purpose of providing for the safety of staff and the million plus visitors the Garden attracts each year. It uses GPS tracking to enable staff to react quickly to any incidents that occur. CSE Crosscom subsequently supplied an equivalent system to RHS Garden Harlow Carr.

The Client

Wisley, which covers about 240 acres, is the flagship garden and educational centre of the Royal Horticultural Society; it attracts around a million visitors a year. Harlow Carr, Harrogate is one of the RHS’s other three gardens in the UK.


The Challenge

The RHS is responsible for the safety of staff and visitors at their sites.  Responding quickly and effectively to any incidents was the main priority for the RHS in specifying their radio systems. Flexibility was also a consideration, enabling them to accommodate their expanding facilities.

The Solution

CSE Crosscom supplied a system using Sepura products for Wisley. Two Sepura MBS Lite base stations, designed specifically for small systems, provide site-wide coverage, supporting over 200 Sepura  lightweight, hand-portable radios programmed for Lone Worker and Man Down, and Priority Interrupt.  Dispatcher software provides voice recording and GPS mapping capability.

The system has been designed to allow for future upgrades including telephone interconnection with full-duplex calling and IP links between the RHS Gardens’ radio systems.

Harlow Carr has a similar system that supports 70 radios, which will boost visitor safety, security and facility management procedures. GPS tracking and safety features such as Lone Worker and Man-Down, Emergency Button and Priority Call, will help to improve response times, instantly alerting first aid and security teams to incidents and their location within the grounds.

Gary Maughan, Sepura’s Regional Director for the UK, Ireland and Northern and Central Europe commented on the Harlow Carr installation,

This second award – following the successful deployment at RHS’s flagship garden at Wisley – demonstrates Sepura’s continued ability to provide high-quality communications solutions to the business and industry sectors.

We are delighted that the RHS has placed its trust in CSE Crosscom and Sepura once more and we look forward to supplying the remainder of the Society’s gardens in the future.

Thank you to the Royal Horticultural Society for their help in creating this case study.