St Katharine Docks chooses CSE Crosscom system

St Katharine Docks, central London’s only marina and home to upmarket offices, restaurants and bars, upgraded to a CSE Crosscom system to improve health and safety for staff and visitors.

St Katharine Docks has replaced two existing systems, serving security and maintenance and cleaning, with one system that provides four channels: security, maintenance and cleaning separately and a new secure channel for management. The system, which is supplied under a managed service contract, uses Hytera PD785 and compact Hytera X1p radios. All are programmed for a man down and lone worker and have emergency buttons. A despatcher in the control room monitors all radio activity, when the system flags that a radio user requires assistance appropriate action can be taken. The system also has Priority Interrupt, which enables management users to interrupt all voice communications on a channel to relay crucial information to all radio users simultaneously if required. The introduction of a CSE Crosscom system is only the first phase of St Katharine Docks’ plans. A second phase will add internal tracking to monitor staff movements to the system and a third phase will integrate the CSE Crosscom system with the site’s building management system (BMS).Ultimately St Katharine Docks will have moved from a basic two-way radio system to a state of the art system that will improve safety and efficiency. And as the system is leased it can be upgraded whenever necessary or as relevant upgrades become available.


We are very pleased with the system CSE Crosscom has designed for us, which incorporates features designed to improve health and safety for staff and visitors to St Katharine Docks.

Paul Hollands
St Katharine Docks, Security